1:No spamming only if all the users are fine with it

2:No swearing/dirty language

3:Please be kind to all the users on the chat

4:Listen to the chat moderators

5:If a person gets annoyed by what your doing, Please stop.

6:Kick is 2 warnings.

7:Ban is 3 kicks.

8:No giving away Personal info

9:Please don't argue

10:Chat moderators, Admins, Please do not kick for no reason

11:If a chat moderator or admin bans a user with no reason then they will be demoted for a day

12: No trolling.

13:-Lily- can ban or kick whenever she wants.

T or D rulesEdit

1. You have to do all of the dares or else you cannot play the game NOT inapproperate dares NOT doing dares like "Troll Legypedia"